My name is Tim and I am 6 years old. I have suffered brain damage right before my birth, which can’t be healed. Therefore, I have what is known as cerebral palsy disorder. This means that my muscles are getting stiffer and so I can’t move properly. Also, controlling my muscles is very difficult. My muscles do not listen. Because of this I cannot crawl, sit on my own, nor talk. My mom and dad are often sad about this. But what I can do, with a little help, is roll over and sit. If I want or don’t want something, I can make myself understood. I manage to eat well and drink from a bottle. I am always very cheerful and enthusiastic. And I can roar wonderfully in such a way that I get all the attention from everybody. Sometimes I’m a bit naughty, which makes me want to roar even more. I must go to the hospital a lot, although not as often lately.

I train a lot in the rehabilitation center ‘De Hoogstraat’ in Utrecht. Here, people help me learn to crawl, step in a walking support device, pick things up, talk and drink from a cup. I do my very best. People say that I work hard and have a strong will. Daddy and mummy are always very proud of me.

I enjoy listening to music and it helps me to relax. The Miffy songs are my favorite. My music book and caterpillar are my favorite toys. My sister Willemijn is very funny, but when she cries I get tense. I really enjoy cuddling with my mummy.

I would like to stay at home with my mom, dad and my sister Willemijn. I can only do that if I can sleep, shower and wash downstairs, because I am getting too heavy to be lifted by my dad. That’s why my mom and dad are going to renovate the garage and extend it a bit. I find that very sweet of them, because I know that they would rather not want to do any more renovations. It also costs a lot of money. After the renovation dad will not have to lift me that much anymore and I’ll be able to reach everything in my room and move around on the ground level of our house. Then, I will be able to go to the kitchen with my walking and standing support devices with my mom or dad, because I like to see the cupboard doors in the kitchen open and close and like to watch as my parents cook.

Jos and Monique, friends of my mom and dad, have organized a crowdfunding, that means raising money, so that the garage can be converted into an adjusted sleeping room and bathroom. I am getting too heavy and my dad can hardly lift me anymore and has frequent back aches. My mother has pelvic instability and therefore, she cannot lift me anymore.

I hope people can help me so that mom and dad can pay for the renovation of the garage. And I really appreciate volunteers that can come to help us. Then, I can continue to live with mom and dad at home! I will show my new room to everybody when it is done and ready. I will be very happy and proud and especially very grateful for all the help from so many beautiful people!